Brakes Fail upon Powering On

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This happened again last night, in my driveway, when starting the car to move it.



- loud fluid-pumping sound on initial startup (2-3 seconds)
- various yellow dash icons
- rapid pulsing sound on even a light touch of the brake pedal
- car can only be stopped (once in gear) by pushing the brake pedal nearly all the way to the floor (and that makes a horrible sound!)

As outlined above, I used a combination of resetting DTCs and disconnecting the battery to get back to normal.
Hello Everyone,

I was having the same problem. Brakes was not recognized. I did the disconnect of the negative terminal on the 12 v. Waited 5 minutes and now it works. I so appreciated your answers and that I did not have to tow it in..for now.

Thank you.
Does anyone actually have a fix for this? I've changed my 12v and it's still happened again after a few weeks.

I've disconnected the 12v and reconnected it and it still happened after a few weeks.

I've cleaned the terminals and it still happened after a few weeks.

How do I stop this?
I've had the issue.
Once last year, at -25dC (very cold). Started the car, and realized something wrong.
Same thing as the videos on this thread.
Second time last week. I drove to some errand, one hour got out to non-functional brakes. It was -8dC this time, and I was parked in the sun, so much less cold.

For those who ask "but the hydrolics still works, right?" Well, not when the ABS is cycling like crazy (preventing the unassisted braking force half of the time).
It's not 0 brake, but this is the closest to 0 I have ever felt.

I have found this from our New Zealand friends:
With the comments of people having fixed by replacing the brake modules, and the codes all including a craped-out CAN.. and then a simple "12V reset" fixes it for a while.... this is more than likely.
What do y'all think?