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Is there an existing thread which simply deals with a 12V Battery Replacement :?: I have a brand new 12V Battery a like for like replacement for the original on my 2016 24 kWh Nissan Leaf Acenta (with heat pump).

Yes youtube makes it look easy.....and the general procedure reproduced from the service manual does too before the rather off-putting table, of the possible consequent effects of disconnecting the negative terminal from the 12V battery rears its head.

I need a bit of reassurance as a newbie that in reality a D.I.Y. battery swap is straightforward, and unwanted consequences, maybe even requiring reseting by dealer diagnostic tools is not the norm in what should be a straightforward piece of normal maintenance. This is what I have gleaned about the process so far.

Precaution for Removing 12V Battery

Now the "Procedure"

and finally the "possible consequences bit"

So I wonder what PG86 has in store......this together with links to other sections of the manual with detailed procedures for the items mentioned.

REgards Neil
Thanks Neil for originally posting all this.
Some clarifications please...
What Manual are you referring with sections labelled PGnnn?
I can't find a Nissan Leaf Shop Manual or other relevant repair manuals for 2015 Leaf (SL) anywhere.
I'm especially curious about the 'make sure EVSE is disconnected' part.
Does that simply to not leave the charging system connected via a charging cable?
I assume that what it means because your quote also say 'make sure charge status indicator lamp' is not blinking.