E-pedal mode turns off automatically after recall fix

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Oct 5, 2018

I recently had my 2018 Leaf in for the recall [1] software update. Post-update, e-pedal mode is disabled when the car is turned off, meaning I have to flip it on every single time I start the car. This is super annoying - I drive in e-pedal+ECO mode all the time.

I talked to the service guy about it, who said that this is part of the "fix" for the recall, but this didn't make a ton of sense to me. The recall notice claims that switching ECO mode or e-pedal mode could have triggered the dangerous condition, but ECO mode does stay set after the update, its only e-pedal that switches off.

I'd love to hear if anyone has a solution to keeping e-pedal mode on.


[1] https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/rcl/2023/RCMN-23V494-8420.pdf
I got that recall implemented last year and my e-pedal mode remain unchanged (i.e., always ON).

As mentioned, your e-pedal setting may have been changed during the recall upgrade.
You can change it to always remain ON when you turn the car ON under your menu settings:
Driver Assistance > e-Pedal > Retain Mode > enable it to be ON
After the recall (I assume same issue) I had to go into the menu again and reselect the option to keep e pedal active on restarting.

The service guy is wrong
i Had it done on my 2018 and it was only turned off when i picked it up after the service, i also had to turn e-pedal back in menu setting.
I had the same problem, I bought a 2023 model and found the E-pedal defaults to off, but there is a setting to get it to default to permanently on, go through the settings until you find it...