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Bob, what an interesting project. The work you did on your eCat is quite impressive.

As in my message to you I’m interesting in adding electric drive to my 18 ft Hobie cat.

Then I found this. A diy electric foiling catamaran made from some Hobie 18 hulls. Mad skills by this builder who basically built it from scrap parts. Top speed of around 16 knots. Cruise speed of 12 knots at 5.8 kW. Power is from 24 kWh worth of Chevy bolt cells.


I don’t have the chops to do a foiler…but your setup has given me a great start point.
Wow that IS an impressive build.

I too considered foiling as out of reach. And there's a degree of impracticality involved, for launching/beaching/retrieving. Active/articulating systems on the high-dollar setups solve that, but that really raises the bar for us DIYers.

I'm glad you were able to get some ideas from what I've done. That's a big part of why I did it: to inspire others to embark on their own such missions. That journey is as much fun as the destination IMO.

Feel free to post your progress here!