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Apr 2, 2024
Just wanting to share some discoveries that I have made with my 2019 SL Plus:

Nissan sells an accessory door sill plate kit that really fits and looks nice. Installation is super easy, use a trim tool to pry up and remove the plain plastic door sill plates at the front two doors. I cleaned and waxed the sill thoroughly to remove any dirt and to provide protection to the paint. The accessory plates pop right into the original holes and that's all there is to it. For the rear door sills, there are two strips of VHB tape that will attach the plates to the sill. You will need to clean the paint and line them up so you know where they go before you remove the plastic strip to expose the adhesive. Also, the plates are marked LEFT and RIGHT, and it makes a difference as there is a slight concavity at either end.

These plates really dress up the area nicely, and should last a while as they are made by Nissan.


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