Gen 2 LED turn signals, reverse lights, and rear cargo area bulb

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Apr 2, 2024
Just wanting to share some discoveries that I have made with my 2019 SL Plus:

I replaced the front and rear turn signals and reverse lights with LED bulbs. I have had very good luck with this brand before with other vehicles and the Leaf was no exception. No hyper flash, they fit in the stock socket and housing, color is good, and they are crisp and bright. The cargo area bulb is much brighter and makes things easier to see. I have attached screen shots of the Amazon pages from the various bulbs. Of course, these worked great on my vehicle, you may have different results.


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I also replaced the dome light in the middle of the roof on my S model. She bulb looked like a cylinder with contacts on both ends and it really brightened things up. Note it's possible your SL doesn't really have a dome light but rather 2 lights by the rearview mirror? Yes LEDs are the way to go!