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Apr 2, 2024
Just wanting to share some discoveries that I have made with my 2019 SL Plus:

Nissan sells an accessory cupholder that replaces that flat panel on the hump in the rear seating area. The flat panel can be pried up from the floor with a trim tool, starting from the back. Once this is popped up, slide the plate back to disengage the hook from the front. The new cupholder did not include the metal clips that fit on the three plastic nubs on the rear portion of the panel, so you will have to transfer them over from your original piece. It's a nice accessory that fits perfectly.


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Nice, I'd be purchasing one if I still had my Leaf. I really dislike door cup holders and on my Leafs I ended up purchasing 2 single fold-up cup holders I mounted to the back of the storage cubby but was never really satisfied with it and what you show looks much nicer.