GM to start installing NACS inlets on their EVs starting 2025

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Jun 3, 2011
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"General Motors will follow crosstown rival Ford Motor in partnering with Tesla to use the electric vehicle leader’s North American charging network and technologies.
GM, like Ford, will begin installing a charging port used by Tesla, known as NACS, instead of the current industry-standard CCS in its EVs starting in 2025.
The deal was announced by GM CEO Mary Barra and Tesla CEO Elon Musk during a live, audio discussion on Twitter Spaces."
We'll see. VW of America owns most of EA and their main US brands are VW, Porsche and Audi. Then, you've got virtually all the other non-Tesla BEVs still.

Press release at
If the Ariya had NACS port and $7,500 tax credit I likely would be driving it instead of a Tesla. Nissan needs to get smarter so they can compete.

We test drove the Ariya in Orlando last year. It was very traditional compared to a Tesla which isn’t a bad thing for older folks like us. The Nissan Ariya was like putting on a pair of comfortable old shoes.
I was thinking about it, and the NACS adoption might in fact accelerate the end of Chademo.

As most stations can manage 2 connectors...not 3, I am guessing that starting in 2025, many DC stations will potentially opt for replacing the chademo side with an NACS, and there will likely still be some brands that don't pick up NACS (VW, BMW).
DougWantsALeaf said:
I was thinking about it, and the NACS adoption might in fact accelerate the end of Chademo.

You could be right about that. Chademo is the odd one out due to its switching. Those running NACS can get adapters to use CCS and those running CCS can get adapters to use NACS. Chademo can't get an adapter to use on any other system.