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Jun 3, 2011
SF Bay Area, CA
Watch: William Shatner Reviews Impressions Of Him As Captain Kirk - the 1st video here should be amusing to TOS fans who've picked up on Shatner's funny speech pattern.
I have a related anecdote. My father fancied himself a sort of Upstate NY Captain Kirk, and he did have a similar build, head shape and - to a certain extent - voice. (In the Eighties, he collected every one of those GodAwful Star Trek commemorative plates.) In the Seventies, one of my cousins and her husband moved in with my Great Aunt, about 75' away from my parents' house. Both Jane and Roland were fairly, well, ditsy, and were a bit lacking in filters, if you know what I mean. They were also more or less between me and my parents in age, so we all spent time together....


It was one of many get-togethers at our house, and everyone (alas, save me) was pretty buzzed. My dad was talking about Kirk, and how he identified with him. Jane, with no malice that I could detect, said:

"You DO remind me of Captain Kirk! I don't like Captain Kirk." Hilarity ensued. I couldn't see, or at least can't remember my father's face upon hearing this, but I imagine it got a bit rosier than could be attributed to just the scotch...
William Shatner has a show on RT, aka Russia Today.

"I don't understand"

Rumor has it that Trump is going to take it over.
I wouldn't say the video at is great but at least it's very recent. Still is amazing how functional he seems for a 91-year old man.

One would guess he's in his 80s.
TIL of this clip from a Picard FB page: The uploader wrote:
"Sep 8, 2023 #startrekday
Clips from Joey Season 1, Episode 14
"Joey and the Premiere" (2005)
Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek : The Next Generation) as himself

I wonder if it'll get yanked. It was funny.
He's not physically in it, but Quark narrates this:
"The Roddenberry Archive: Deep Space Nine... The World According to Quark

Join Armin Shimerman (who portrays the beloved bartender 'Quark') on a journey through the Roddenberry Archive's virtual recreation of the Promenade from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, as we explore the evolution and legacy of the Star Trek's most famous space station."

Found it via
I stumbled across these on YouTube:

I've only watched parts 2, 3 and part of 4 so far. I totally forgot that the late Joan Rivers had this show. I remember her being a guest host on Johnny Carson.