Has anyone tried a front splitter in a Gen 2 for lower drag?

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Unfortunately, I don't keep consumption statistics. But I consider the fact that I completed a 120 km highway drive with a balance of 15% SOC a decent result.. I have a 30 kWh battery with 83% SOH.
Sounds good!!! I'm seeing about .2~.3 increase with just the front mods...will have more info soon about adding the rears. Agreed about the square vs rounded....in my case it was really trying for a "air dam" sort of appearance....and yes, it is more in "style" with the 2018 forwards body...............
Judging by what I am seeing....you might want to make them longer (wider??). It "looks" like I have gained another .1 by adding the rears. They are just over 10 in long (25 cm) & angled at about the same as the front. Judging by what I am seeing, a skirt between the front & rear wheel arch areas might net some nice positive gains, Need to think about designing them so not to have a problem when using the jacking points on the car.
Just to update the long-term totals......the display keeps bouncing between 4.7 & 4.6 now....so the increase is real & measurable. it "looks" like there is a .1 or so increase with the rear deflectors...not big....but not unwelcome either. I will be looking at side shirts next...I think that I have enough material to go the length between the wheel wells on both sides...need to go to a metal supply to get 1/2 in by .125 thick by about 5 ft aluminum strips for the upper support for the skirts....may do that tomorrow (Saturday).....if I get them, I'll start the mod that day or Sunday......