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Apr 20, 2024
The Netherlands
I was driving from Holland to Uk through belgium and France to the channel crossing tunnel and then back after 11 days.

My charging expirience was good in belgium , not in france apart from charching behind customs near the tunnel, in England i got in problems near the destination because of bad telephone network of Vodaphone. I had to restart several times (5) and each time the resrvation of 40 uk pounds dissappeared from my acount..

Later i found out there is a wifi indicator on the charging post with 5 dots if this falls under 3 dots it is advisible not to charge. So far for the destination trip.

On the return trip i found out that the charging post i did charge a week or so ago was completely disappeared so i had to move with my last 30 km s on the car to another village.

All in all a rather dissappointing trip but at least i reached my destination and my home adress and i missed my hotel due to it.

So i am interested in others with maybe a same or better / worst experience.