How can I monitor LeafSpy remotely over WiFi?

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Oct 20, 2017
I have the Leaf in the garage and a simple system to use it to power the house in emergencies (basically a suitably-fused 12V inverter across the leaf's "starter" battery. Inverter's output then feeds the house via a transfer switch). There is WiFi in the garage (powered by the house or the leaf).

I'd like to be able to track real-time battery info like SoC and discharge rate. LeafSpy does exactly what I need - the question is, how can I read the LeafSpy data from the house? The bluetooth signal from the OBD dongle isn't an option because the stone walls are too thick and the garage is too far away.

So far I've managed to do it by putting a spare android tablet in the car to run LeafSpy and connect to the OBD dongle, and used airdroid to remote-access the tablet over WiFi to see the leafspy readings. It worked ok but is quite a clunky workaround. Surely there's a better way? For example I see "server" settings in LeafSPY - can that somehow do what I'm trying to do?
Good solution. I'd probably use one of my old phones instead of a tablet, but same idea.

That's a good design (in the absence of a commercial product to accomplish your objective) and it's doable without much expense. Nice.