Looks like it’s going to charge but turns off

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Jan 15, 2024
I read several posts related to this problem so I opened the on board charger and found the problem.
Has anyone else had a problem like this?
Is it fixable?
Can this board be replaced and where do I get one?
Thanks for the help!


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Excited to see you opened her up. It’s been raining here so I haven’t done this yet. I’m having the no level two charge issue on one of our leafs and wondering if this is the case for mine. What did your DTC’s look like?

Is that just a bad connector? Have you tried just making sure the connection there is good? Any luck with a repair over full PCM replacement?
No charging through the J1772 port here as well Gamehunter, dealer wants to replace the PDM for the tune of $6k. Still searching for answers and can't tear mine down as we only have the one car, 2018 Leaf with 40kwh. It's been a pain for a few weeks having to find a Chademo charger available when we need it.
Your going to have to put some time into it to make the decision. Would a rental car for a few days give you the chance to diagnose? Even if someone say "this fixed mine" it doesn't mean it is a sure thing that will fix yours esp if you are only going off symptoms and haven't done any diagnosing.
Right now, nothing is progressing, you are FC but are no closer to knowing what is causing the problem.