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May 3, 2022
Hello, I'm a 2022 40kW SV owner. My commute is 50mi a day and the range is still 149mi+ (plus we have other cars for trips) so I'm not concerned with range or efficiency that much (real range is about 120 because I drive fast). Instead I want to make my car more enjoyable to drive and be in.

I put up with with the original Michelin energy tires for a month and swapped those for performance tires, run those at 40+ psi, and found the stock halogen lights terrible an swapped those bulbs for LEDs. (in general I regret passing on the Tech Package and would recommend it).

I replaced the front door speakers for better bass but am finding I probably need an amplifier and subwoofer for what I really want. I just got a Juke rear sway bar (anti-roll bar) yet to be installed and am window shopping for coilovers to improve handling. I'm also going to need tires again soon (after 30k mi) and would like to upgrade to 18" wheels if I can find some affordable and not too heavy. I'd also like to improve the footrest! It's not large or flat enough to brace myself with.

See my previous car was a GTI and in many ways the LEAF is a downgrade (ok, not in emissions, operating costs, purchase cost, reliability, interior space, a few safety features... but just about every measure of sportiness and interior luxury). If VW ever brings an EV GTI to the USA I'll be all over it but right now all EVs here are tall, heavy or have ridiculous repair costs (T) and privacy issues (T) so the Bolt and LEAF are what's left.
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I finally nailed the poor factory handling of our Nissan Leaf ZE0 with Eibach springs, KYB shocks and rear sway bar.
However, I wouldn’t have a clue where to begin with increasing electric motor performance or adding additional batteries in the trunk to increase range?


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