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Jun 3, 2011
SF Bay Area, CA
I don't think we need to go back 10 or 20 years as I can think of at least 5 or 6 if we go back that far (some in WA and some in CA).

Anyway, list Nissan dealers that have closed or are closing. I just recently learned that Nissan Sunnyvale (in California, part of closed in the past few months. now redirects to They were at but aren't at Some folks have posted on FB pics of the place being closed down or already closed, including one person I know.
Today, while looking up something for where I leased my 1st Leaf, Boardwalk Nissan on Bair Island Rd, in Redwood City, that location has apparently closed.

Not clear if the dealer went under or just moved. There is a that is <2 miles away.

While digging around, I found TIL that San Francisco Nissan/Infinti closed. I remember hearing of their indoor DC FC. You can see it pics at (I'm no fan of Yelp, BTW.)