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Sep 19, 2011
East side of San Francisco Bay
GCR: Fisker Ocean electric crossover due in 2021 with solar roof, vegan interior

Supposed to have a starting MSRP below $40k, with a full length solar roof. If this is AWD, although the 275 mile range is a bit low for me they say the ~80kWh battery pack can be "augmented by a range extender". So, if the charging speed, size and other attributes meet my needs this could be in my wheelhouse. Course I'd be taking a chance on a company that's built almost no cars and has no rep for reliability. It's supposed to be introduced in January, but if you've got money burning a hole in your pocket you can put down a deposit on Nov. 27th, when the price will be announced. I'll manage to hold myself back :roll:

More info from ABG, lease only:
Fisker electric SUV named Ocean, and it'll have an app-based lease
Fisker calls it 'world’s most sustainable vehicle'

Yet more from IEVS:
Fisker Ocean Will Be An Electric SUV For Enjoying, Not Buying
They've already fired one shot into their corporate foot by calling a vehicle with recycled fishing net cloth "vegan." I'm not entirely vegan but I'd balk at cloth that contains little bits of dead fish. Why the f*ck can't an auto manufacturer just put cloth seats in their cars anymore??? They want to offer leather as an option, that's one thing. This crap and Nissan's leather-only SL and Chevrolet's scrap leather-only Premiere is another.

I'm still looking to swap interiors with an SV/Tech driver, BTW. The interior is likely the main obstacle to me keeping my Leaf. I'll know better after my next LeafSpy reading tomorrow.
I presume that the cloth would be washed or most likely melted and purified before making it into seat coverings, so I don't see the 'vegan' term as a problem. Besides, since it's already been used for fishing, it's far better to re-use it than just toss it. I want cloth seats as much as you do, but if I only have the choice between new leather or recycled leather I'll take the latter - that cow can only be killed once.
Few days ago,
A few days ago, I saw a Fisker Ocean south of Denver. This was a day after the news broke about their pending possible bankruptcy, and of course after they said the Nissan partnership deal fell apart. Then I saw another one today. I think both had 2023 ADOT temp paper license plates, which I looked up and indeed the ADOT letters were in the same font as Arizona DOT ones, so that must be it, except this is Colorado.

I assume people get them shipped to them in Colorado, from California, and it has the ADOT tags on it due to it being from Fisker of Scottsdale. They typically arrive in the Port of San Diego, from Austria (Magna Steyr, like my old Ford Focus Electric EV was).

Anybody else spotting them a lot lately? And any thoughts on being able to get parts if Fisker goes bankrupt? One would hope Magna Steyr might at least offer parts anyway (???). Warranty?

Supposedly, you can get a leftover new 2023 bottom-of-the-line Fisker Ocean for $25,000, but I don't think any exist anymore, so you have to go upscale another $10,000 for the higher trims.