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GerryAZ said:
alozzy said:
Merlot, or Rose? :lol:

I needed some containers to clearly show the old vs. new and a package of inexpensive wine glasses were the cheapest I could find that day (did not want to use glasses from the kitchen). I admit, it did look like two glasses of wine sitting on the workbench. Thanks to LeftieBiker for posting them--as you can see, the drain plugs have similar amounts of metallic debris to the ones from the original poster's car.

No doubt, just having a bit of fun! For the record, I would prefer the Rose in this case :)
2013LeafPDX said:
The mechanic said this is very rare to see this -
the price he quoted is thousands $$$$ - way more then I have and that was with used parts.
#zoinks :(
I agree with others here who have said it is NOT that unusual to see iron dust on those magnets. Lots of them look about like that, although those do look a bit bad for 50k miles.
I do think the mechanic's prices are high.
Also, it might be CV axle half-shafts that are bad and making that noise, or a bearing. You need a 2nd opinion on this.
A new gearbox from Nissan is about $2,000 just for the part.
Ebay has a new one "2013-2019 Nissan Leaf Transaxle New in box Genuine OEM Part 32010-3NF0B" which appears to be the right part number, confirmed at
for cheap. $635, a good deal if it's true. A good mechanic can put it in for $300 labor, you would think.