Portable EVSE L1 L2 combo options as of Jan 2017?

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Feb 8, 2011
Hi, I did a quick look and search attempt...

So far, for a portable dual L1-2 EVSE, I found the EVSE upgrage option (which I have) and also this unit, the AeroVironment TurboCord Dual Plug-in EV Charger, 120 & 240 Volt...

Anyone have another to consider... ?

3.2 charging max for my 2011, but would be open to have greater amps for a visiting L2 EV guest...

Lots of options, most top out at 16a though. The linked Juicebox is a decent option, OpenEVSE is also something to consider.
Does it need to be UL listed, not just built to UL specs but actually listed? If so that eliminates almost all, I personally don't care but others do.
The EVSEupgrade is a decent option for older Leafs, pre '15 I believe?? but after that they only top out at 16a which personally I feel is too low to be of much use for a 6.6kw Leaf, to me 20a is as low as I'd care to go but you may feel different.
The JESLA tops out at 40 amperes when plugged in to NEMA 14-50 receptacle. It automatically matches its maximum current (and associated voltage) to the receptacle adapter being used. Examples: NEMA 5-20 receptacle adapter is 16A at 120V, 6-20 adapter is 16A at 208/240V, and 14-50 adapter is 40A at 208/240V. The user just chooses the correct adapter and does not need to manually adjust current limits.

The do it yourself upgrade to the Nissan provided L1 EVSE has worked well for me. Around Christmas time, I went to two different time shares for a week each. At the 1st one I only had a 120V plug available to use so when I put lots of miles on the car I had to plug in at a public EVSE a time or two. At the 2nd time share, I was able to plug into the dryer outlet and had no problem charging the car each day.

This upgrade does not change the 12A max output of the EVSE so at 240V it only puts out about 2.8KW but that is enough to fully charge over night.

The thread that covers this option is: http://www.mynissanleaf.com/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=16948
I researched this extensively last fall -- after I had upgraded my 2016 Nissan EVSE and realized the folly of my ways. (Don't do it -- it was a great upgrade in 2012, not so much anymore with the new stuff on the market)

I am pretty sure that for the money, the OpenEVSE kit is the cheapest route if you want future higher amperage comparability. I also think that the OpenEVSE is more portable than the Juicebox. Even the pre-assembled OpenEVSE is considerably cheaper than the Juices. But the Juiceboxes have some different features too. You should compare them both and decide. I think either way, users have had good things to report about them in my reading.

There are some cheap L2 changers on ebay that top out at 16A 240V. I think one should drop the extra coin these days and go a little bigger. More and more vehicles can handle 28A, 32A and more.....
Really, it does not matter what the EVSE current is as long as it is more than the car's charger needs. An enhanced Leaf with a 27.5A charger will work the same from a 28A EVSE or a 40A Juicebox. It will draw enough current to satisfy its needs and it will ignore the rest.

A 40A Juicebox could be a good deal at the right price but do not think your car will charge faster. I have a 40A OpenEVSE. It charged my Mercedes B at 40A. The same EVSE now charges my eGolf at 30A. The other 10A is wasted but I am not going to a 30A EVSE, The J1772 protocol lets me use my old EVSE.
All, thanks for the suggestions... I am aware that the onboard charger will limit the amperage of the charge...

If I was chasing greater portability, I'd opt for the JESLA.. That said, the juice box pro 40 has some nice features like the WiFi, especially attractive to me since I am not likely to proceed with the Telematics upgrade...plus it seems two units in the same garage can manage the same 240AC plug intelligently...

My own 2011 LEAF (EV classic keeper :) would really need a home base L3 to quickly charge...maybe someday...

Lastly, the EVSE upgrade route still would make sense for some if they had multiple charge spots and were not in a rush....