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I don't recall who discovered that one, but it's actually in the manual, albeit disguised with misleading language that calls it "automatic." Using the floor only setting, partial recirculate, and a fan speed of either one or two (if the windshield starts fogging) will give you the most efficient heating you can get without full recirculate, which tends to cause fogging.
Here is my beauty

Sorry for the late post.
Tsiah said:
I give up on trying to share images... Every time I do is just a broken link. :|
The trick is to drill down till you find a URL (internet address) for the real image, usually ending in ".jpg" (without the quotes). In this case, I just used Chrome's "open image in new tab" facility to find the real image URL, in this case . Some image hosting sites are hostile to the use of their images in forums like this; Google comes to mind. The URL to the actual image is hundreds of characters long, and looks like it might change at any time.

I could not tell if the Original Poster's image was color or black and white. In the "unburied" version, however, there was a definite tint to the windows, and there was some color in the top right corner. Amazing. Where I live, snow is almost unheard of; it was a real novelty to encounter some on an overseas trip. Later, I spend a week in the snow (on a work related overseas trip), the novelty wore out pretty quickly.
GerryAZ said:
With that much ice on the car--what were the roads like? Did you preheat the interior so that the windows would roll down without sticking to the ice?
The roads were impassable without studs or chains. Someone in a Jeep was trying to make deliveries, and was barely able to make one delivery before failing to make the slight incline on the way to the next one. I watched them just barely pull off a multi-point turn (in 4WD) to get back out of the neighborhood.

Even on foot was dangerous; I had spikes on my shoes. Temperatures have increased about one degree per hour today (20F yesterday, 40F today). So the ice is melting now. And it has started to rain. Tomorrow should be okay to drive the Leaf.

I had a little box heater running inside the car for about an hour before attempting to roll down the windows.
dmacarthur said:
Hoping to post a Leaf/ snow pic tonite- January in Vermont with no snow is essentially unheard of (until now...)

Where's it at? I bet snowless Vermont is beautiful this time of year (or in general).
Snowed a foot and a half, I have pix but can't figure out how to post..... and I have been rallying around like in my old Saab Monte Carlo today, turn the traction control off and find a long steep snowy/icy hill to climb! The Leaf can really throw snow, and the torque curve is SO different than the 2-stroke Saab.
dmacarthur said:
I have pix but can't figure out how to post...

You can upload your pictures to, then grab the URL of the images and past them in with
around them, for example:


(Selecting the URL after you paste it in and hitting the little 'image' button above the box you enter your post in will add the image markers.)
I will try that thanks- and cool Leaf pickup, I had a Jetta pickup and a New Beetle pickup for many many years (all diesel, of course, before you-know-what.....}