Power to the USB-A port, how does it work

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Sep 26, 2023
Quebec, Canada

I have a USB to wireless adaptor for Android Auto. I bought it for my 2018. Works pretty well! On the 2018, it would turn on when the car was turned on, and turn off when the car was turned off. Simple. Intuitive.

Now I have a 2022, and the darn thing will just stay powered whenever it feels like it and forcefully steal the wifi connection on my Android phone while I'm in the house. If I turn Bluetooth off on my phone, it just turns back on by itself.

Anyway, the question is, how does the USB-A port (the classic rectangle one) work on the 2022 model? I'm not even sure it turns off. I think it turns on when the car is charging, and/or when unlocking the doors, or when I sit and look at the mirror but not if I'm wearing a brown hat, etc. 🤪
I noticed this yesterday: when the car is connected to an EVSE but not charging, it eventually turns the USB port off. Then as soon as charging resumes, the car turns the USB port back on.

According to some people on reddit, the USB ports turn off 5 minutes after the car's been turned off, and they turn on when unlocking the doors.

I guess this is to speed up USB devices recognition, like USB thumb drives, but with AA this is SO annoying. I'll check if the 12v outlet follows the car's actual "power" state. I might use it to build some sort of USB bridge.