Rear Backup Camera (aftermarket) installed on 2012 SV?

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Sep 19, 2017
Hi, I have a 2012 SV and the one thing that I really, really miss is having a backup camera. I've seen lots of discussions about 2013 and later, but haven't seen much mention of 2012 other than a guy that said that the wiring was "totally different" from 2013.

Unfortunately, I really haven't done too much car audio stuff, but I'm NOT looking for perfection here. I'd be perfectly content with a license plate mounted aftermarket version and use a wireless transmitter to save on wiring.

So, my main questions would be related to making sure I tap into the right wires. Does anyone have details on this? Are there wiring harnesses I can buy to assist?

Can anyone confirm that a 2012 SV would be the same as this thread:

Easy is preferred.

I bought a 2013 S that had an after-market back-up camera installed that was working until 6 months ago. When I put it in reverse I get a black screen with guide lines only. The camera is mounted just above the license plate and i can see all the wiring behind it. Two questions: What is likely the problem and what do I need to do to access the wiring behind the camera?
thanks for any help