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Jun 3, 2011
SF Bay Area, CA
I think this would fall into that.

Someone posted this at work awhile back. Hope it's not a repost.

"For those who appreciate the campiness of TAS."

And, TIL of another by the same group but maybe not as good after seeing the first one.

"On this anniversary of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's pilot episode "Emissary" we imagine a TV show with the same name and this would be its opening sequence. It depicts past events in Benjamin Sisko's life up until his return from the wormhole, the Bajorans call the 'celestial temple'.

We are David Frank and Christian Lerch and this is a fun side project.
We are Motion Designers, Star Trek Fans and Sci-Fi nerds.

This video is based on and inspired by „Star Trek: Deep Space Nine“ "
Someone posted "Modern Trailer for Star Trek Generations, originally released in 1994." in a Picard FB group. I'd not seen it before but it's apparently 3 years old. It's quite well done.