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Apr 15, 2024
Anyone have experience with the quatrac? I'm looking for reasonable all weather performance with low rolling resistance. I dont have mountain passes or bad roads to deal with just a highway commute. Thanks in advance.
I have used Vredestein Quatrac (205/60r15) for 2 years now. I purchased them with main goal of improved wet traction in the pacific north west winters. They have fulfilled that goal. My first choice of tire was Vredestein Hitrac but the size i wanted was on back order from tirerack for 1 month, then 2 months, then 6months, so it was unclear when I would actually receive them. I preferred Hitrac over Quatrac due to the expected longer treadlife, and anticipated quieter ride. The Quatracs are good, Very good for my main goal. Dry and wet traction are obviously improved over OEM. Tread life appears to be diminishing faster than I expected (most tires on an EV?). And they are louder than the OEM Michelin Energy A/S. Quatrac are not as loud as Blizzak WS80. I have not done any accurate testing regarding efficiency, but based on my perception of multiple uncontrolled measurements, with confounding variables, the quatracs lose about 1-3%range compared to Michelin Energy Saver. Although, with the Quatracs at 46 psi, the efficiency is about the same for OEM at 36psi. For the improvement in wet grip, that range loss is something I am very happy to compromise. I am quite happy with the Quatrac.

If I could do it over, I would go with the Hitrac tires despite the wait. Part of that is just the noise factor. The Quatrac are directonal tires so they are only rotated front to back. I believe the hitrac can be rotated left to right as well. I also use Vredestein hitrac on a Model Y for last 1.5years. The Hitrac tires get good snow traction rating on consumer reports and supurb wet traction tests on tirerack.com. It seems the efficiency loss is similar to Quatrac although I am not able compare directly.