White solid line under speed limit sign ?

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Sep 8, 2023

I have the Leaf Tekna 2021 with traffic speed sign recognition. I’ve noticed on occasions that when travelling past a certain speed signs it shows the speed sign on my dash with a solid white line under the red circle. This only happens at 3 speed limit sign locations where I live. It’s a thick white solid bar (oblong) under the circular 30mph red circle.

I have been unable to get a picture of the exact screen I’m talking about because obviously I’m driving and I’m unable to take a picture of it

Anyone shed any light on what it means ?

All the best,

Does the icon you see look something like the "100" speed limit icon (w/ rainy cloud) shown in the middle of the pic from the link below?

Hi. No it doesn’t have any weather symbols there. It’s just a thick white line under the speed limit symbol. It only does it the same three or four areas each time.

Could it quite possibly be (f) and (j) in the picture below? It means that it is a conditional speed limit when certain conditions are present. IMG_9626.jpeg
I have seen this, and always happens at the same place.....and for me it is when I am going home, coming off of the motorway, so a 70mph road, up the slip road to join a roundabout and I take the 1st junction which is then onto a 30mph residential area.
It is as soon as I take that junction that I see the sign on the dash with the thick solid white line under the speed limit.....not sure why that line is there either.