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Re: Volkswagen ID.4 CUV

Extreme cold can be a challenge no matter what you drive, the difference here being familiarity with the risk thresholds and options for dealing with them.

I've had a gas line freeze up and strand me before (carried HEET for years as a result. Never needed it again). Had bad gas strand me in an ice storm once, not a pleasant experience. Lost 2 days getting the car fixed, had to drop and drain the tank, flush the fuel system.

None of which is relevant to the EV experience of course. Those kind of temps occur with some frequency in the mountains west of us, which is the reason why we'll keep an ICE car around (paid for) for those kinds of trips for a few more years.
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Re: Volkswagen ID.4 CUV

goldbrick wrote: Sat Jan 22, 2022 3:55 pm -15° Nightmare - warning to cold weather friends
There are some very valid points:
An EV can take longer on a long trip.
Cold weather makes this far worse.
Sparse infrastructure means that careful planning is needed.

Some important missing points:
Careful planning wasn't done. Why not?
Didn't even include the starting temperature in the plan?
Worse of all, missed the Plan B. What if EA at _________ doesn't work?

goldbrick wrote: Sat Jan 22, 2022 3:55 pm I wonder if the problem was with the EA station, the car's electronics or if things just shut down because the battery was too cold.

EA stations in colder places have charged cars without issue.
Automotive electronics is usually good at -40C, and often good to -55C.
Car was been driven, so traction battery is producing heat. Yes, batteries can get too cold, but that's usually the first charge, not the third.

Lots of stuff doesn't add up right.
Most everything around here is wet during the rainy season. And the rainy season is long.
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Re: Volkswagen ID.4 CUV

Looking at the plug share map there are several l2 available in EU Claire. I am Sure the hotel close to the ea chargers would have let you charge for an hour. Giving you some room to get where you were going or at least warm the car.

Just an idea for next time. You might have had plug share only showing the DC chargers.
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Re: Volkswagen ID.4 CUV

Some good ID4 updates coming... for those who's cars didn't just get melted or lost in the middle of the ocean (That can't possibly help the long lost Audi Q4 either, if some of those were finally on their way to the USA!) ... -charging/
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Re: Volkswagen ID.4 CUV

"VW Halting EV Production This Week Amid Ukraine Supply Issues
Deliveries of electrical cable harnesses and other components made in Ukraine have stopped, so VW, Audi and Cupra EVs can't be built. " ... roduction/

Also, the Felicity Ace sank ( ... ship-fire/) which had some ID.4's on-board.

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