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Re: Official VW e-Golf thread - $29,815

Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:44 am

redLEAF wrote:Still love the car but the locking charger cable seems to have had a mind of its own - not sure if this is just specific to MY 2015 e-Golf or later cars as well, as this was frustrating to say the least thought it was worth sharing
The always-on charge lock is (IMHO) a severe design flaw in the early e-Golfs. As I understand it, it was fixed in the 2016 (or later) variants.
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Re: Official VW e-Golf thread - $29,815

Wed Nov 01, 2017 7:55 am

As I posted in the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 thread at ... 21#p509821
Was surprised to see a next gen e-Golf (has a full-color LCD for the gauge cluster instead of the physical dials in the previous/current gen). Surprised me that it had 2 charging inlets: J1772 in the nose under the VW logo (you push on the left side of the logo to open the charging flap) and another flap on the rear fender covering..... a CHAdeMO inlet! Hahahaha. I spoke w/the rep there for awhile, but he had to stop a bunch of times due to real potential customers wanting to talk to him.

BTW, the J1772 inlet on the above Japanese-market car I confirmed had no stupid J1772 handle lock. I poked around above the inlet to be sure and the VW rep confirmed no handle lock.

Can post a picture when I get back to the US...

I guess this is another case like the i3, having to support 3 DC FC plugs depending on the market: Combo1, Combo2 and CHAdeMO.

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