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Re: Official Nissan e-NV200 thread

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:14 am
by cwerdna
I skimmed bits and pieces of the above video but I did watch the entire video at He also in this one at ~6:25 talks about something that he says believe is the "same as Leaf" where you can hold down a button on the fob to preheat. Well, that's certainly not available on my Leaf. Perhaps it's that way in some other countries?
jjeff wrote:I'd be in for one.....a 7 passenger version that is.
Of course since Nissan USA can't seem to be able to get their head out of their *ss, I'm not holding my breath living in the good ole' U S of A!
But I can buy 50 different types of ICE vans or SUVs :roll:
I mean Nissan currently sells a ICE version of the NV-200(I drive one) so they can't blame safety-related issues........
Well... problem is, minivans have been a declining market in the US for over a decade, maybe even two decades.

I hadn't even realized Nissan discontinued the Quest for the US market until I was in a dealer (Quest) shuttle and the driver told me that they had a hard time getting another Quest (I'd previously been in a different Quest the dealer had each time) since they were discontinued.

You can get an idea of US minivan sales by looking up the usual "suspects" at ... le-ranked/ (e.g. Odyssey, Sienna, Pacifica, Caravan, etc.). Couple that w/the battery electric take rate of 0.61% at, you could imagine that EV minivan sales in the US will likely be pretty tiny. If we add FCA's minivans (Pacific and Grand Caravan) Nov sales, that's 21,745 units. If we multiply that by an amazing 2%, that yields almost 435 units/month.

Also, note the total BEV sales for Nov 2017 (8,440). Compare that to the various segments at ... sales.html.

And, with 2 or 3 of the strongest EV markets being in California + CA's HOV-lane stickers for BEVs, I doubt many folks will commute using their electric minivans esp. given that e-NV200 will have shorter range than the same battery capacity Leaf. I also don't see that many minivans at my work in the employee parking lot.

The above probably doesn't add up to a good business case for Nissan.

Re: Official Nissan e-NV200 thread

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:52 am
by jjeff
I'd also like that easy preheat feature :) Looks like it's instead of the FOB mounted charge door release and like our '11/'12 Leafs it has a manual charge door release.
I like how he refers to ICE vehicles as fossil cars :lol: he also likes to refer to the eNV-200 as a plumber and electrician's vehicle, or he as he says, the butt crack crowd ;)

Re: Official Nissan e-NV200 thread

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 1:35 pm
by ElectricEddy
These e=NV200 camper vans looks not surprisingly like a '69 Volkswagen Westfalia camper bus.
Apparently you have to live in Spain to get one :( ... van/54957/