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G-book navigation

Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2014 9:46 pm
by tszukow
Ok, here is big one---G-book navigation system used in Japan. Despite G-book has been for decades in Japan, most people in N.America never even heard of it. For me every time I visit Japan reminds me how it make life easy there. Example -to find your destination all you need is to just punch the phone number of the destination on the screen and navigation will do rest for you- shows the way, detailed information etc. Is phone book integrated, and traffic/accident updated.
My suggestion for Nissan-bring it to North America and you will be years ahead of competition. This is a big task involving telecommunication companies. Few things of many in G-book navigation from -" onclick=";return false; :

G-Book offers are a Safety and Security service, which aids in requesting a tow truck and vehicle location service, Live Navigation where an operator gives turn-by-turn directions, Information Service which provides news, weather forecasts and stock market information, Communication Service that offers the ability to send and receive web based e-mail, and post and read on message boards, E-commerce Service, that allows merchandise to be purchased from the GAZOO Shopping Mall, and a live operator is available through OSS (Operator Support Service) for various issues.

Thanks Nissan.