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Charge to 90% (current options are 80% or 100%)

Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:56 am


I have a long commute to work (52 miles round trip) and so need a decent amount of charge, but also want the battery to last as long as it can since I purchased the vehicle (vs. leasing).

I was using the 80% mode but that left no room for any unplanned side trips. I figured out how to charge to ~90%:

*I set the 80% charging mode to on, so the car charges to 80% after I plug it in

*I set a charging timer for only 30 minutes in the morning AFTER the 80% has been reached

*I manually hit the "charge timer override" button ~every single time~ I charge the car, or else it won't charge until the 30 minute timer

This results in the car charging to 80%, and then charging for the additional 30 minutes, resulting in the desired % charge. The big issue is if I ever forget (even once) to hit the "charge timer override" switch then I have a mostly discharged car in the morning before work - and have to wait an hour for it to charge (I have a 26 mile one-way commute)

This would be a great option, and requires only some software programming - no hardware changes, and so would be very much appreciated.

Secondarily, a one-time override to the 80% charging option would be nice too - currently one has to go into the menu, disable the 80%, then re-enable it ~before~ the next charging cycle in order to get a one-time override.

Much thanks,
-Tal Allweil
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