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Re: White leather interior

Mon Aug 22, 2016 12:23 pm

Nubo wrote:Looks great. I fail to understand the appeal of black interiors unless one is very messy and/or has pre-school children.
Agreed -- as much maligned as VW has been of late, we have a 'leatherette' Corn Silk colored interior on our Touareg and it is so much better than a black one that would burn the back of your legs (wearing shorts of course) on a hot day. The leatherette has fooled more than one person in the fact that it isn't real leather; here is a photo of it in a late model VW EOS (EOS being a convertible even makes more sense going with a light colored interior) :


The light grey cloth on our '12 LEAF SL has actually held up OK but when I saw the mod to leather when the owner posted it, it took the interior up a notch
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