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Re: Longer range option

Mon May 14, 2012 6:47 pm

RichCohen wrote: We bought a Leaf because our average daily driving is under 25 miles and the worst case over 3 months was 35 miles.
You would have done great with a Volt, plus it has a built-in generator already :)

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Re: Longer range option

Mon May 14, 2012 8:37 pm

RichCohen wrote:
Ingineer wrote:We have experimented with this, and it is definitely possible to add a range extension pack, or even a (sacrilege) ICE generator/pusher trailer for really long hauls.

Question is, what are you willing to pay for it? Adding Lithium is VERY expensive! A decent 10kW pack would cost over $10k installed.

A trailer initially sounds silly, but it would be easy for "temporary" rentals to LEAF owners who don't have other cars, or are looking to transport their car long distances, such as moving from summer home to winter home and vice-versa twice a year. (Vice-LEAFa!)

We will build one if there is enough interest.

I also are an ingineer (BS EE, MS System Eng.), but I been doing software for the past 40 years. I wondered if anyone else had though of the generator trailer. It sounds like a very good idea to me. We only make 4-8 trips over 50 miles each year and we presently have a 14-year old second car for that. However, for some of them we'd happily rent a generator trailer from our Nissan dealer. The main issue is price. It should be a lot less expensive than renting a car.

The main design issues I can think of are making the trailer safe and adding another power connection to the Leaf. The trailer would not provide as much impact resistance for it's gas tank as a regular car, so that tank will need extra protection. Adding a input power port might be a warranty issue. Adding some engine instrumentation for the driver might also be an issue, but a short-range radio link might work well.

Here are my requirements:
1. Range: 200 miles between refueling. 300 preferred
Like Herm said what you have described here is a Chevy Volt. If you do not like GM products maybe you should look at a Plug in Prius.

On the other had if you want to stay pure EV then just go buy a Tesla. The base model has a 40kwh pack where the Leaf has 24 kwh pack.
Now if you still want that 300 mile range then you can have that too. All it takes is more money for more battery capacity.
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