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Nav Display - Auto change of background polarity

Thu Feb 02, 2012 11:27 am

My background polarity did automatically change - dark to light, etc. - day to night. Then it stopped, ie, locked up. A member of this forum gave me a tip which solved the problem. If the Instrument Brightness Control is set to MAX - the Nav Display locks up in dark or light - and can only be changed by going into the Display Adjustment Screen (a cumbersome multistep process). The light/dark button at the left bottom of the screen then no longer functions - except to turn off the screen.

I assume that this is an unintended bug. If there is a reason for it - pls let me know. And if you want to keep this "lock up" as a feature - maybe it should be noted in the manuals (Owner's p 2-39 and Nav p-1-14 & 15). Also, nowhere do I find it mentioned as a feature that the background will change automatically dark to light, etc. It is a good feature and you should take credit for it.

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