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Consider LEAF fleet use

Sat Feb 18, 2012 7:02 pm

A friend of mine who works for a Multnomah county agency tells me that the county now has a pool of four LEAFs for use by its personnel. Image, and I understand that the city of Seattle also operates a small fleet of LEAFs. Great idea, I think, but the LEAF's controls are very definitely geared to a single driver's preferences and settings. How about allowing for drivers who might share access to such a "motor pool" vehicle to have their preferences and settings (those that don't conflict with things like the miles-until-maintenance odometers or charging policy timers, maybe) captured on a USB memory stick? Then each driver could carry their own personalized "LEAF login" that they could pop into the car's USB port and have their own service routes & waypoints and other selections in effect along with their own music library.

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