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Fri Jan 11, 2019 7:47 am

LeftieBiker wrote:
DaveinOlyWA wrote:I know a LOT of people who like Deer including Arby's..

https://www.today.com/food/arby-s-roll- ... de-t117364

besides aren't you a vegetarian? Stick to what you know!
You have no idea what I know. I was raised in a deer hunting family, in a deer hunting region. I ate venison about as many times I could stand as a kid, from deer steaks to a stew the local Italians call (spelling approximate) "sufreto," made from the internal organs. I wasn't a vegetarian until I was 18. Ironically, it was because my father accused me of hypocrisy for not liking hunting but still eating meat, that I became one.
Sorry, my last sentence was in jest. But I know people (like my Son) who doesn't like and won't eat beef. Which only means that is a lot that like something as well as a lot that dislike the very same thing. When is the last time you met an 11 year old that has NEVER eaten a cheeseburger?
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