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Re: Well new mexico governor decided to make electricity unaffordable

Wed Nov 04, 2020 2:08 am

Well the people of newmexico decided to give the governor the power to appoint public regulatory commission seats.
The only thing this might accomplish is close the investor owned coal fired plant which is already scheduled to close in 2022 when the lease expires. They might close it a year early at a cost of millions upon millions of dollars to electric rate payers and tax payers.

My pressure washer stays parked next to the house closest to where the solar panels are with a wheelbarrow over it.
I'm firing up the pressure washer when I'm down about 2% peak power.
I fired it up 2 more times since last post.
Probably fire up again tomorrow, or at least before it gets cold again next Monday.

Got another toy. A 6.5hp DR chipper shredder. I can grind up small sticks, twigs, nuance saplings, tumble weeds, let them dry out and they're ready to burn in about 4 days if green. A coal furnace full of wood chips burns for about 5 hours.
Every ton of fire wood I cut up yields a few hundred pounds of twigs and small sticks that used to go on a burn pile. Been under a burn ban for like a year now so I'm probably going to turn the wood chipper on the brush piles and burn them in the coal furnace.
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