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ABG: Britain, birthplace of coal power, has first coal-free week in over century plans to wean itself completely by 2025

Wed May 08, 2019 5:43 pm ... free-week/
. . . As part of efforts to meet its climate target to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent compared with 1990 levels in the next three decades, Britain plans to wean itself completely off coal-fired power generation by 2025.

Low power prices and levies on CO2 emissions have also made it increasingly unprofitable to run coal plants, especially when wind and solar power production are high.

The National Grid, Britain's power transmission network, said coal-free runs like the one this week would become a regular occurrence as more renewable energy entered the system. . . .
From the FT:
. . . The UK has just six remaining coal-fired power stations that now primarily serve as back-up power in times of peak demand or when supplies are lost from elsewhere. Gas, nuclear and wind all now provide more power to the grid, a sharp change since the beginning of this decade when coal was still one of the UK’s primary sources of electricity generation. . . . ... 68069fbd15
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