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Black Rims Video 2

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 2:48 pm
by Zenehet
So I finally settled on a set of rims and tires for the leaf. Here is the current walk around. ...

I ended up with Michelin Premier A/S Grand Tourer V rated. 215/45/17.

Personally I really am liking the look. As for the tires themselves they are very quiet and I expect to be good in the rain, but I am really let down on their efficiency. The drop seems to be a reduction between 5%-8% over stock. It really comes down to rolling resistance. These are rated as a LRR tire, but you can directly tell it doesn't coast as well as it used to. I expect this is because of the many many deep sipes in the tires for wet traction. It almost looks like a snow tire now that I think of it. Sure it has more grip, but lack of grip was not really a big issue with the leaf. :) In short, the aesthetics I like. The ride is nice compliant and quiet, the efficiency though, I could have done better.