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Re: "But it will only appear one time, I promise"

Tue Oct 01, 2013 6:46 am

LeftieBiker wrote:I delete cookies after sessions. The message should read "share your browsing habits and history with this site, and maybe you'll only see this once."
Lol - you live in the US, right? So you probably don't mind the NSA spying on you for 'National Security' but you're worried the Nissan Leaf forum will know you visited?! :lol:

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Re: "But it will only appear one time, I promise"

Tue Oct 01, 2013 6:58 am

DarthPuppy wrote:It seems to pop up every time I visit. And it is much more annoying than a normal ad since it will not let me interact with the site until I find and click on the correct spot in their ad.
I always assume that intrusive ads like this will be deceptive: the advertising will be false, the product/service promoted will be unrelated to the one advertised, and/or the site linked will attempt to install malware or adware. So I never click on them. If I am genuinely interested in what is advertised then sometimes I will do my own search to try to find the product.

Sometimes on a UNIX/Linux box I'll follow the link to see if it is to a malware site. If so, or if the ads are extremely intrusive, then I'll enter the target site and the ad serving site(s) in my firewall exclusion rules - especially on Windows boxes - to prevent any other web site from displaying their content.

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