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Re: New Forum Layout - where things have moved and all your complaints in one spot

Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:20 pm

PV1 wrote:...
I've gathered that there are no shortage of issues, but the one thing I'm still looking for is how to tell new/unread posts apart from read posts in a thread. On the old format still used over on myimiev.com, we have a small page icon that turns orange for unread posts near the timestamp and white for read posts. Over on TMC, there is a "New Post" flag in the top corner. I haven't found anything yet on here.
Inside a thread I don't think any such "New Post" indicator exists.
It did in the old but not in the new.

I still dislike the new but have managed to tolerate it.
Only thing better is the Alarm on bookmarked topics.

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