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One Year Owner: Battery Data

Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 10:30 am
by SageBrush
I hope the thread title is misleading, since I intend to update the data once a year ..
But for now, one year. Car details in my Signature

All in all, I am happy with the car, and I am feeling quite pleased with myself about the value -- but that is a reflection of the price I paid . The first few months watching the battery capacity shrink was most annoying but as the graphs show that behavior has plateaued and with hindsight I have to guess that the initial readings were incorrect, suggesting that overall my battery degradation has been gentle. I offer this data as an example of a LEAF that can do well (and hopefully will continue) but with these caveats:

I baby the car
SoC charging up to 80% if it is warm, routine 30 - 80% SoC use
No parking on hot black asphalt; home parking is shaded in the summer and outside at night for ventilation
Charging timer set for coolest part of early morning
Mild climate
No Quick Charging (no network near in my locale)

No repairs or maintenance costs. Fuel is from home PV at ~ 0.5 cents a mile. Used ~ 4k-5k miles a year, Odometer at ~ 28k
The kWh graph takes the LeafSpy Ahr reading and multiplies by 370 volts -- my guess of the integrated average battery voltage in a 100-10% SoC discharge.