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Re: Leaf accessory battery dead

Tue Apr 21, 2020 7:34 pm

Oilpan4 wrote:
Tue Apr 21, 2020 7:05 pm
frontrangeleaf wrote:
Tue Apr 21, 2020 9:55 am
Capacity is not a fixed, linear thing - higher loads draw down a battery disproportionately faster than small loads do - it's not linear. Furthermore, the same battery tested under lab conditions will perform differently from charge to charge. So it pays to understand what standard capacity is being rated for when considering different batteries, and also to recognize that batteries are not so deterministic as one might expect.
See Peukert's law.
The Cliff's notes version is that you can only use roughly half of the capacity of a lead-acid battery, and the greater the drain on said battery, the lower the available capacity.
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