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Re: 2011, 2012 Nissan Leaf Leasing Information

Fri Apr 26, 2013 9:26 pm

nsps wrote:Here is the offer I have on the table, if anyone has any thoughts on it:

MSRP: $38650
Car sales price before $10150 NMAC cash: 36,939
Residual: 47% = 18,165.50
MF: .00003
Monthly rate: $281 pre-tax, $300 after tax.
No cash down.
Presumed additional cap fees, calculated by me based on the rest of the numbers: $1,434.
Tax is 6.85%

Disposition fee: $395
Buy fee: $150.
(I'm told these are set by Nissan.)

To me, the main hurdle is the sales price, which doesn't get me all that far below MSRP on a 2013 SL after the additional $2,650 in NMAC cash. The price listed on their website is $35150, which is more reasonable, but they didn't offer me that. I offered $34650, but no bite yet. I guess it all depends on how desperate they are to get the car off the lot, and if there are other possible buyers. The MF is excellent, though.

Is paying that much in fees normal, or should I be able to get that down as well?
How did you get that money factor? it seems everyone else is getting 0.002.

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Re: 2011, 2012 Nissan Leaf Leasing Information

Thu Oct 03, 2013 8:27 pm

evnow, can you fix the google doc links in the OP?

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