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Re: Help w/ leasing a 2017 Leaf

Fri Aug 25, 2017 11:21 pm

riceflower wrote:
SageBrush wrote:
riceflower wrote:I re-negotiated and got a $145/mo w/ $0 down, still in process w/ haggling over the monthly, but now just worried that they would hit me w/ other hidden fees even w/ $0 down.
I have never leased, but $145 a month would sorely tempt me. Good job!

P.S. Does the price include TTL ?
So final leasing price was $135/mo (23mo), $0 down, inclusive of all fees (is TTL title/tag/registration/license fees?), with loyalty and VPP discounts.
Congrats. Is this for S or SV ? Where in Seattle did you get and can you share the sales contact. Thanks

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