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Re: What discount to expect over MSRP?

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 7:33 pm
by Jerryr
Jerryr wrote:Made the deal today. Got $4,968 discount off MSRP but dealer fees were $799 so net discount was $4,269.
Only incentive available was $1000 for NMAC financing. Only financed $18000. Will pay this off in about a week as soon as I get a loan number.

Also eligible for Federal Tax credit of $7,500. No other credits available in Florida.

Got $13,000 for trade in of 3 year old 2015 Leaf SL, Premium w/ Bose. That one cost me $20,000 after rebates, incentives an Federal Tax credits.

2018 SV Gray
All Weather pkg ($900)
SV technology Pkg ($2200)
Splash guards ($190)
Carpeted floor mats and cargo mat ($190)

$36,855 MSRP
-4,968 discount
+$799 Dealer fees
+ sales tax
+$200 registration fees
I started this thread exactly 1 year ago so here’s an update.

I just traded in the 2018 SV on a 2019 SL Plus for the extra range. My needs changed. I recently bought a cabin in the woods that’s 120 miles from home. While my 2018 SV W/40 kWh battery would make the trip it would just barely make it at 65 MPH. The SV plus w/64 kWh battery and 220+ miles of range gives me lots of range headroom for that trip.

So for the 2018 SV, I Paid $36,855 + $799 dealer fee - $4,968 dealer discount then reduced my tax liability $7,500 so net cost was $25,186. I just traded it in on a 2019 SL Plus and trade allowance was $22,000. So depreciation cost was $3,186 for 1 year.

I once again get to take another $7,500 Fed Tax Credit for 2019 on the new car.