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Re: What other EV's did you test drive before buying a Leaf?

Mon Oct 29, 2018 1:13 pm

I've been lucky to drive the following, but not really so much as a test drive because I could not realistically afford any of them besides my used Leaf that I just picked up this weekend.

1s gen Leaf
2nd gen Leaf (new ones are nice!)
Bolt (the one I would buy if I had the money)

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Re: What other EV's did you test drive before buying a Leaf?

Mon Oct 29, 2018 2:23 pm

Whien I signed up for my LEAF it was April of 2010. Outside of a few boutique vendors in other states, there were no other EV's available. I did very much like the idea of EV, and I (dummy!) bought into the hype of a 100-mile vehicle. Got my 2012SL about 22 months later and liked it very much but it was clearly not going to be an ICE replacement...more of a gas saver for city trips and short commutes.

Fast forward eight years to today. EV's have come a long way for almost all vendors EXCEPT Nissan. I didn't want a hybrid and its additional complexity for two drive systems so kept looking at new LEAFs. I couldn't have been more disappointed at the almost inconsequential range increases and for me the biggest downside was trying to take a trip. Although there were no DC chargers at all in my state and the surrounding ones, there were a number of L2 devices installed in convenient places to enable charging. But for a trip, again for me, the charging was so slow and so frequent I never got on board for short-range EV's.

Enter Tesla. Amazing vehicles, not even a consideration due to cost for me.

Enter the Volt. Neat vehicle, friends had one, two actually, and I really liked it. But is was a hybrid and after enjoying the LEAF, that was out.

Enter the Bolt. To this day, no Bolt has made it to the local dealership, so no local opportunity to actually see it. But there were enough frequently-mentioned downsides so I excluded that as well.

Re-enter Tesla. Although still in a price range I found unfriendly, the new Model 3 seemed to have a lot going for it, especially two things: a 310-mile EPA range, and a huge and growing network of chargers that actually filled the Model 3's electron tank very, very quickly. For the first time, I found an EV that could replace an ICE vehicle for me. And it did. I sold my Toyota Venza as soon as I took delivery of my Model 3 in July.

Still have the 2012 LEAF SL though for the really short trips. It is easier for me to get into and out of than the Model 3, and it has the absolutely wonderful heated steering wheel not available on the Model 3. But no ICE vehicle in the driveway, nor any hybrids. Full disclosure: I have a 1964 Ford Thunderbird, but it gets about 200 miles a year for shows.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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Re: What other EV's did you test drive before buying a Leaf?

Mon Nov 05, 2018 3:53 pm

Chevy Volt (My wife really does not like its looks.)
Nissan Leaf (As expected, it drives like most automatic transmission cars.)
Toyota Prius Prime (Not really a test drive, a purchase; first experience with J-1772.)
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Re: What other EV's did you test drive before buying a Leaf?

Mon Nov 05, 2018 4:23 pm

To answer the question as it wasn't asked (what EVs did you test drive before buying/leasing your current EV?):

* Bolt Premiere. I didn't much like the styling, although that wasn't a deal-breaker. I didn't love the interior, either, but except for slightly uncomfortable front seats that I thought I could fix (I'm the one who came up with the idea of putting extra padding under the seat cushion bottom) that wasn't a deal breaker either. I was very unhappy that in order to get the four camera parking system I had to accept leather seating, and that, along with everything else I didn't like, including the ride, made me decide to make the Bolt my last resort. It looked like the Federal EV tax credit was about to end, though, so I was mentally preparing myself to lease a Premiere. In the meantime, I test-drove a...

* Kia Soul EV. This little not-really-truck was more charming than the Bolt, but also had several deficiencies. The power was a bit less than my 2013 Leaf SV, and the ride and handling a little worse. I did like the high riding position, but the Leaf also had that, with the seat adjusted up. No 4 camera system with the Soul, but if you (once again) opted for the top trim with leather-only seats, you got front parking sensors. The trouble was, the sensors were crap. I got the car's nose within 3" of a metal pole, and they didn't sound. Fail. That and the very modest 100ish mile range made the 2017 Soul just a mediocre compromise.

The tax credit was spared, and I ended up with a 2018 leaf SL. I hate the leather seats, but I like almost everything else about the car. I just wish I could find good, cloth seat covers for it.
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Re: What other EV's did you test drive before buying a Leaf?

Wed Nov 07, 2018 2:38 am

LeftieBiker wrote:The Leaf was the first electric car I had ever driven (not counting our Gen III Prius), although I had owned several two-wheeled EVs. I liked it enough to lease one that day. This was in 2013, when 4 wheeled EV options were much more limited.
Unless you count the floor scrubber I drive at work, the Leaf was my first EV to test drive. I think for a lot of people the Leaf may have been their first car. Most other EV's are only sold in certain states. And ones like Tesla have been too expensive.
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