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Subleasing or other suggestions

Mon Jul 20, 2020 11:26 am

We leased a Leaf S with weather package in November 2019, and have driven it less than 2000 miles. Now with the pandemic my husband (The car is his) works from home FT indefinitely and it literally sits in our garage and we drive it occasionally just to keep it functional. We don’t need the car now for our lifestyle! We received rebates which require it to be registered to us for 3 years and the lease is 3 years.

I know what our options are as far as returning the car and paying out the lease, waiting out the lease and using the car minimally and then buying it out and selling it (too much risk and hassle), etc etc.

I’d like to hear anyone’s’ experience with a leased Leaf who has ended a lease, subleased their vehicle, or other possibilities.

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