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Re: Solar Users Winter Charge

Fri Jan 27, 2012 8:24 am

Randy wrote:No, we're being charged for power that we consume.

Many of the various components are now broken out on the bill whereas in the past it was one lump sum number per kWh...
This is it - for example on the bill that arrived yesterday, we used 67kWh net, billed as follows:

10 of 33 days:
Electricity Delivery 67 x .07722
Winter Electricity Generation 67 x .05583

23 of 33 days:
Electricity Delivery 67 x .08033
WEG 67 x .05788

So, basically tier 1 retail, as expected. Which was offset by previous generation so our out of pocket bill was the expected $5.93.

To the OP - have you actually SEEN your neighbor's bill? Can you post a PDF with his PII blanked out? The approx .004 cents per kWh you describe sounds more in line with his per kWh DWR Bond Charge than his Generation charge...

At any rate, you're not getting ripped off. If he's really only paying .004 for generation, then something else is going on, but I suspect a mis-reading of his bill. As a further sanity check, what's his total (electric) bill?
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Re: Solar Users Winter Charge

Fri Jan 27, 2012 9:20 am

That's good. Still, it would make me nervous if my solar was done that way. They are basically dictating that the energy you produce has different value than the energy they produce. In AZ, my energy production applies 1:1 as a credit toward anything I use. I only end up getting paid wholesale value if I have excess production left over for the year (they settle up in April).

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