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Re: Blink / Rav4 Blows Out a Contactor Pin (with gory pics)

Fri Nov 13, 2015 12:00 pm

I have a question about the fix of adding thermostatic switches to the J1772 connector to open the proximity line. Does this affect drive-off protection?

The reference circuit shows that the EVSE normally grounds the proximity pin through a 150 ohm resistor, increasing this to 480 ohms (by inserting 330 ohms) when the release button is pushed. The 330 ohm resistor on the thermostatic switches would have this same effect. Does 480 ohms mean "Stop charging, but I'm still connected so don't drive away just yet?"

And what if you push and hold the button while the thermostatic switches are open? That would apply 150 + 330 + 330 = 810 ohms to the proximity pin. Of course, you're unlikely to try to move the car while you've got your hand on the charging plug...unless somebody else does it...

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Re: Blink / Rav4 Blows Out a Contactor Pin (with gory pics)

Sat May 18, 2019 7:11 pm

Thread resurrection time...

Another crap Blink EVSE w/defective Rema handle strikes again, this time with an '18 Leaf, as I guessed: http://www.mynissanleaf.com/viewtopic.p ... 49#p557849.

My guess was at http://www.mynissanleaf.com/viewtopic.p ... 87#p557087. The poster answered he had a Blink POS at http://www.mynissanleaf.com/viewtopic.p ... 94#p557094.

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Re: Blink / Rav4 Blows Out a Contactor Pin (with gory pics)

Sat May 18, 2019 8:15 pm

I purchased a Rema Blink Cable From eBay. The crimp was awful. I think that setting The current to 24A was a good thing since the pins were unburned Repairing a cable is documented .on MNL in the blink section..
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