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Re: Purchased AV unit directly (cash and carry)

Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:51 pm

Ready2plugin wrote:I went with Captive Fuel as well. They are finishing my panel upgrade as I type this. The AV install went fine last week, looks great on the wall. I think they were a little overbooked at year end. After a long talk with PG&E and having them run a lot of numbers, I will be going with E9a. It was going to cost an additional $600 to install an additional panel for the second meter. No matter how I ran the numbers with them, it just wasn't going to save enough in the long run.
Nice, I work at Pleasanton live in Milpitas. Would it be possible for me to come and have a look at your work. How much did Nate quote for your second meter and panel upgrade? Did you just to the Charging dock install? Nate quoted me $2500 for charging dock and panel upgrade for a seperate dedicated 100 amp panel. I wasnt sure I wanted it now and decided to go with E9a for now.
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Re: Purchased AV unit directly (cash and carry)

Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:29 pm

AV called me on Tuesday (Jan 4) asking if I wanted to buy the EVSE. I live so close to AV that I wanted to go pick it up, but he said that they don't have a walk-up place to do that yet. He said I could wait, because he thought it had strong possibilities within the next few weeks, but not yet. Eventually I decided to buy it that night. He said it would probably take four to six weeks to get the one with the 25 foot cord, but I figured I had better get things started. Two days later (Jan 6) it was delivered to my doorstep.

Now with my electrician finally putting things together, I might be able to get it done as early as tomorrow. We'll still need an inspection though.

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Re: Purchased AV unit directly (cash and carry)

Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:58 pm

My AV EVSE (cash & carry) installation was completed and inspection was completed Jan 6. My electrician installed the feed in-wall, which took extra effort because it had to be routed around a built-in ironing board which is on the other side of the garage wall. The AV unit's mounting plate provides for in-wall rear feed, but this option is designed for the feed to be on the left side of the wall stud. Thanks to mwalsh, I knew about this and like him we were able to drill new holes in the mounting plate so the feed can enter at the right of the stud. This is why the cable support is not lined up with the main unit. My garage sub-panel is visible on the left.

Claremont's permit was $ 62, much lower than what AV assumes. I don't want to quote how low my electrician's price was, but I saved a bundle and I got the install I wanted.

The inspector told me he had just done another AV inspection on 8th St. If these other Leaf folks read this, I would appreciate hearing from you via a PM.

It could be several months before I get my car. If any early Leafers are passing through Claremont on either the I-210 or I-10, I would be glad to give you an hour L2 charge. It would allow me to test the unit. Send me a PM any time.

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