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IEVS: IONITY Launches First 10 Ultra-Fast Charging Stations

Thu Sep 27, 2018 5:49 pm ... -stations/
. . . IONITY aims for 400 stations along major highways by 2020. Another 16 are under construction.

Stations will have on average 6 stalls and power output of up to 350 kW. However, in the case of IONITY, there is no CHAdeMO, only CCS Combo 2. . . .
  • To demonstrate just how serious we are about the freedom to drive, for the rest of 2018 all you need to know is the number 8. Whether it’s in Euro, Swiss Francs, or British Pounds, each and every EV charge will be priced at a transparent set-rate of €8, or £8, or 8CHF per session. In Scandinavia the session fee will be 80 NOK / SEK / DKK. Easy and transparent – so you can get on the road today.

    For third-party payments, please check directly with your mobility service provider for their individualized rates. . . .
H'mm, flat rate charging. Until these things are everywhere, some people are going to get hosed. OTOH, the only cars that will be able to use this rate anytime soon are all expensive, so maybe it won't seem that bad to the owners.
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